Polina Perri Discount System

Polina Perri customer-oriented discount policy offers our clients a number of perfect options to get the best quality wedding stationery and save their budget. 
The quantity discount is automatically applied when you order wedding invitations via Polina Perri website. The progressive discount depends on the number of wedding cards you order, i.e. the more you order, the less you pay! Thus, placing bulk orders with Polina Perri will save your money. 

Please, see your progressive discount table:


As we stated, this system is fair and equally applicable to all our Customers automatically when they place the order via website.
Polina Perri Discount System

How prices are defined?

To define your price per card and total sum of order with discounts input your required quantity of cards into the pricing table placed on the invitation's individual description page. For example price per card  is £4.95 per pc. when order 10 pcs amount and £4.12 per pc. when order 200 psc.
Expert tips! Don’t forget about last minute guests, keepsakes for you and your family when deciding on your wedding invites quality (maybe you need 3-5 extra).
Polina Perri provides you with top value & fair discounts from the very first order. We will keep you & your budget happy!

Pay in 3 from PayPal

Opt for the Pay Later option during checkout and experience the flexibility to divide your invitation expenses into three interest-free payments. Submit the initial installment upfront, followed by two additional payments on the same date each month.

Weddings come with a hefty price tag, and managing expenses can be challenging, especially during times of a cost-of-living crisis affecting everyone. This payment method for your invitations and wedding stationery aims to alleviate some of the financial stress, empowering you to budget effectively and make your dream invitations still within reach.