Posted by Polina Perri on 24th Sep 2017

Winter Wedding Invitations Collection

Collection of Winter Wedding Invitations - the art of creation.

Polina Perri team is constantly looking for the new original ideas of the wedding stationery design. That prompted us to reveal to our readers how stimulating and exciting the experience of artwork can be. That is a special thing to share with you: how the concept of a certain wedding invitation (or the whole wedding stationery set) is devised, evolved and brought to life.


Winter Wedding Invitations belong to the thematic collection made by Polina Perri creative designers. The concept was suggested by the very nature - winter is an eternal source of the inspiration. Winter wonderland, with its snow-white scenery, silver glitter accents, fairy motifs painted by the frost on the windows, sets the basic colours of our collection: pearlescent white, metallic shiny silver and deep navy blue. This powerful cold-toned palette develops the winter idea to its full extent. 



Our specialists have created the Winter Theme collection that contains the bestselling designs of wedding invites (4 pocketfold cards, an unusual scroll invitation in matching acrylic case and a flat square wedding card with embossed framing). 

We decided to keep it simple, working with different textures and finishes. For example, white smooth shimmering paper is combined with an opulent applique with a volumetric motif (Winter Amelia wedding invitation).


A glitter silver pattern on the white pearlescent background is supported by the metalic buckle (Silver Vivaldi Snowflake)

or contrasted with the deep navy blue shade (Navy Vivaldi Snowflake).



The embossed brocade texture of White Virginia Snowflake card contrasts with a white smooth satin ribbon, which serves as a vertical central decoration of the invite.

While pearlescent varnished framing outlines the matt smoothness of Winter Tiffany invitation.


Our winter theme invitations accentuate the luxuriance and versatility of the white colour - it can be amazingly different!

The hallmark of our Winter Wedding Invitations is a refined snowflake brooch. Fascinated with the natural geometry of a snowflake, we decided to make this winter symbol a conceptual centrepiece of our collection.

Get inspired and create your own wedding invitations based on our design. We offer customization services that include ribbon colour choice, font style and text colour choice.